Italian Restaurant Menu with Fresh, Seasonal Ingredients

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PEI Mussels
with diced red potatoes, scallions, mango puree and a honey vodka sauce, drizzled with chili oil and fresh herbs. $13

Pepper Crusted Tuna
over red lentil salad and microgreens, finished with mint oil. $14

Pan Seared Foie Gras
over baby arugula with roasted chestnuts, spiced pear, brioche toast and a dried cherry glaze. $14

Boneless Short Rib
over farro with vegetables in a natural reduction sauce. $14

Italian Eggplant Napoleon
filled with fontina, caramelized onion, and chard over a sundried tomato puree. $11

Zuppa del Giorno $7


Organic Mixed Greens
with tasty tom tomato and balsamic shallot vinaigrette. $7

Red and White Romaine
with garlic herbed crouton sticks; finished with caesar dressing. $7

Warmed Spinach Salad
with roasted portobello, smoked bacon, oven roasted tomato, with sherry vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. $8

Frisee Salad
cranberry apple thyme chutney, toasted almonds, and cured ham, drizzled with balsamic glaze. $8

Artisan Cheese Plate $14


Roast Bell & Evans Chicken
roasted sweet potato, sautéed greens with pearl onion and dried apricot, finished with a maple glaze. $26

Grilled Flat Iron Steak
gorgonzola garlic mashed potato, roasted acorn squash, roasted mushrooms and shallots, broccoli rabe with a red wine demi glaze. $29

Natural Pork Rib Chop
pan seared black pepper ravioli filled with spiced pumpkin mascarpone, brussels sprouts and baby carrots with a madeira cream reduction. $27

Lamb Loin Chops
over white bean ragu with roasted sunchokes, parsnips and leeks, baby zucchini with a brandy reduction. $29

Pan Seared Duck Breast
with fried butternut polenta, sautéed tuscan kale with purple top turnips and cippolini, finished with a port wine demi glaze. $27

Pan Roasted Salmon
over celery root risotto with crisp pancetta, leeks, toasted pistachio and asparagus, drizzled with chive oil. $26

Dill Panko Crusted Tilapia
over wild rice, roasted beets, haricot verts, with a blood orange glaze and lemon oil. $25

Seafood Stew
of cod, shrimp, mussels, scallops, vidalia onion, carrots, and fennel in a light tomato pernod broth, served with herbed crostini. $28

Pan Seared Mahi Mahi
over herbed linguini tossed with puttanesca sauce, garnished with fried parsley. $27

Saffron Pappardelle
with roasted red onion, zucchini, peppers, and wild mushrooms, tossed with goat cheese, fresh herbs and drizzled with truffle oil. $20

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